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Jonghyun’s reaction when the girl got shot at the end of EXO’s performance 

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how to not love onew?

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I don’t really post things like this, but it’s quite sad how hundreds of teens around the age of us are missing or dying or even worse probably not even here on earth anymore and are resting in paradise. I’m very grateful that none of my relatives were on that ship, but it’s also possible that friends of my cousins could have been on that ship and I pray dearly for them. And to the class president who gave up his life jacket to his fellow classmate. God bless. Our world really needs people like you. I’m very sure your school and family would be proud of you. I love you all. Stay strong South Korea.

look who’s bACK

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Sexy my ass you mean rabid dog with a seizure and lost little boy from the buffet
     78/100 reasons that you could be a closest JongTae shipper

We are golden

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It’s okay to cry.

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Jackpot + space

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"Kibum-ah, you are not like them… you’re my good son. I can’t see you become like them." That’s what she said, but she is not here any more, isn’t she? She can’t see me. I won’t be like them, though. They’re nothing like me. If they were bad… I’m the worse. Life is a bitch mother and I need to fuck it to breath again.

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